About Us

At Eye Style, our team of experienced opticians and optometrists are here to provide you the best service in the field of eye care solution. Our team has spent years in understanding the myths of eye care. Our certified eye specialists are committed to delivering you the best eye care solution in best in the industry price.

We have come with a model of effective, affordable and inclusive eye care facility suitable for all age groups. Providing every patient individual attention is one of our topmost priorities. We provide personalized eye care facilities through which we ensure the delivery of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Our team of experienced and dedicated staff is committed to delivering world-class eye care facilities. Throughout our huge experience, we have gained the reputation of being a trustworthy organization. Despite being one of the reputed eye care clinics in Canada, we still strive to excel in the field, and we are committed to cater every individual who will knock our door.

Mr. Mohsen Ghebrai:

Mr. Mohsen Ghebrai completed his diploma in 2008 from Seneca College, where he conferred the title of Registered Optician. Before founding Eye Style, Mohsen gained technical and industry experience while working at eye care facilities around the GTA. As an expert eye specialist, He established Eye Style Optical in 2010 and later expanded in 2017 to the current location at 8181 Yonge Street, Thornhill ON, L3T 2C6.

You can call or drop in to speak with Mohsen to discuss your eye care needs or book an appointment with either of the highly qualified optometrists at Eye Style. Mohsen is hard-working, dedicated, and enthusiastic to deliver you the best in eye care solutions.

Dr. Roxanna Gangi:

We are proud to introduce a new addition to Eye Style Optical team!

Dr. Roxanna Gangi is an Ophthalmologist from Iran, and has been certified to work as an Optometrist in Canada since 2011. Dr. Gangi specializes in your basic and specialized eye care needs. She can assist you with diabetics eye care, glaucoma diagnosis and management, dry eye treatment, consultation and co-management of refractive surgery.

Dr. Gangi speaks both Farsi and English. She has a holistic approach to eye care, using her knowledge and expertise to the best interests of her patients.

Book your next eye exam with us! Dr. Roxanna Gangi and the rest of the Eye Style team look forward to helping you and your family with all of your eye care needs.

We provide quality eye exam including: measuring the intraocular pressure, measuring corneal thickness, diagnosing retinal tears and peripheral retinal diagnosis, colour vision testing for prescribing enhanced lenses for colour blindness, myopia prevention in children by Misight contact lenses, evaluating the angles for prevention of Closed Angle Glaucoma, dry eyes assessment and treatment, and consultation regarding refractive Surgery like LASIK, LASEK, or ICL.

Dr. Hamid Dadvar:

Dr. Hamid Dadvar is one of the optometrists at Eye Style Optical. After obtaining an optometry degree from the Mashhad Medical University of Iran, Dr. Dadvar gained expertise in the eye care field working with some renowned surgeons for several years. Dr. Dadvar then immigrated to Canada and completed his optometry certificate through the IOBP program at the University of Waterloo in 2008. Before joining the Eye Style team, he gained experience in the field working in a number of clinics with other optometrists in Canada.


Dr. Dadvar caters specialized services uniquely tailored for clients with various needs and conditions. Call Eye Style Optical today to book an eye appointment with us!