Why Should You Take the Issue of Red Eyes Seriously?

Issue of Red Eyes

Often our eyes turn red without any known reason. This kind of symptoms can be an indication of something serious for the sight if ignored for a long period. If you have encountered such redness in your eyes, then it might be conjunctivitis, dryness, corneal abrasions, allergies or over-wear of the contact lens.

These are some of the common reasons for which your eyes can turn red. The best thing is that these kinds of diseases are easily curable if you visit the eye doctor clinic in Thornhill. However, the situation can be more serious if the redness of your eyes is caused by corneal ulcer, uveitis, ocular or glaucoma. Here we will talk about what kind of measures you should take once you find your eyes are turning red.

Things to Should Do First

If you wear contact lenses all the time and suddenly find your eyes turning red, then the first thing you should do is to take out your lenses and wash your eyes with pure water. If the redness has not worn off even after a couple of hours, book an appointment at your nearest eye care clinic like EyeStyle Optical for immediate solutions.

 Visit a Specialist

Redness in eyes can develop for different reasons, and the reason for the problem can be either nominal or something serious. You can always hope for something casual, but if the problem remains same even after several hours, you should not waste your time.

People often wait for days even for a week for automatic recovery, but thing gets worse when they experience light sensitivity, swelling or blurred vision. This is the time when people opt for an eye exam service in Thornhill. Eye specialists always provide an immediate appointment for such symptoms so that the patient can get instant relief.

Avoid Self Medication

The act of self-medication is like a ghost that can make the situation worse. There could be many reasons for red eyes and ignoring it for several days can lead you to a big problem. Experienced

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